How to Set a Trend

Home Decor

Style is subjective. It is determined by the media, magazines and celebrities. It is not exclusive to everyone, and it is not inclusive of the few. It is, in every sense of the word, subjective.

Magazines like Vogue have taught us what style is, whilst we always never feel within reaching distance of fashion. Yes, we will have items that we like and days when we think we look good or even great, but we will never reach the great heights of fashion – or we will probably never feel that way, anyway.

This doesn’t just apply to our personal style, but our home style, too. We will never achieve the perfect home, because there will always be a wall that needs painting, a cushion that needs fluffing or a shelf that needs fixing.

What we must do is accept our style. What makes Vogue the world’s most popular fashion magazine is that it isn’t impacted by other’s style – it sets trends. Instead of looking at others, it looks at itself, as a whole, and decides to create a look that others want – and that’s how we should live our lives, both in our dress sense and in our home style.

Once you have learned to love your style, accepting what you like, rather than what other’s like, that’s when you will be able to create a trend that others will want to copy. You’ll find people copying your wallpaper, asking where you got your decorative accessories or just how you manage to pick such great items and looks.

You don’t have to go for bold, bright, crazy patterns to be different. You don’t have to change your colour every season. You simply select the things you like. You become inspired but you do not replicate. You absorb but you create.

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