How to Decorate on a Budget

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Do you want to decorate your home but haven’t got the funds to do so? Well, all that is about to change, because we here at Wall Styler are here to help you create a wonderful home on a tight budget.

Plan the Pricing

Before you do anything, it’s essential you work out how much you have to spend on your home. This means taking all finances into account, from your new furniture right down the paintbrushes and wallpaper paste.

Once you know your budget, you then work out how you’re going to spend all your money. By setting a budget, you’ll know you won’t overspend, as you’ll plot out how much everything will cost each month. You never know, the below tips might even save you a bit of extra cash.

Repurpose Old Furniture

second-hand furniture

Why buy new furniture when there are perfectly good pieces in your home. Yes, you might be tired of looking at the same old furnishings, and maybe they don’t match your desired colour scheme, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready for the bin.

Repurpose old furniture to give them a new lease of life. Sand down that old wooden coffee table and give it a farnish. Paint the living room chest of drawers or bookcase – or, if you’re a dab hand at DIY, break up an old table or cupboard and create something completely new. Websites such as Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration, so give it a go.

Visit a Secondhand Store

Have you ever heard the saying: “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure”? That’s because there are so many superb secondhand items out there just waiting to be snapped up. Instead of buying new furniture that will smash into your bank balance, buy a preowned piece of furniture or pick up second-hand accessories. You never know what hidden gems you’ll find – and you can guarantee they’ll be available for a fraction of the cost at charity shops or on websites like Gumtree.

Buy Unvarnished Furniture

We recommend buying unvarnished furniture if you want to ensure you purchase a high quality piece of furniture – and they are often available for a lower price than the varnished varieties in the showroom.

By buying furniture that hasn’t been varnished, a retailer won’t be able to hide any stains or imperfections. You’ll therefore know what you’re buying up front – and can simply varnish the rustic item once you take it home. Remember to sand the wood between coats, and always apply the finish horizontally.

Be Bold with Your Colour Choice


You might not know this, but bold colours are cheaper than lighter, more neutral shades – so it’s a great option for those who are decorating on a budget.

It’s essential you pick a colour you love, and not to just pick up any colour just because of its low price; otherwise, you might want to change the colour within a matter of weeks – and that could end up costing you even more. Pick colours that suit the size of your room, and buy some cheap decorative accessories to match your chosen shade.

Become a Little Crafty

There are so many lovely homeware items on the market, right? But they can often be a little bit expensive. In fact, they can be very expensive – especially as you can probably make many of them in the comfort of your own home.

Paint your own artwork to hang in your hallway. Make beautiful candles in your kitchen instead of buying them. The options are endless For some design inspiration, we recommend visiting Hobbycraft’s blog that’s full to the brim of great ideas.

Decorate a Room at a Time

Don’t try to decorate every room at once, because that really will drain your finances. Pick a room that you feel is most in need of decorating and start there. Each month, or every few months, put some money aside for home decor and move onto to different rooms once you’re ready. Your house will be ready in no time at all – and your budget will be right as rain.

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