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6 Ways to Save Money for a New Kitchen

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Are you thinking of buying a new kitchen but are a bit strapped for cash. No need to worry, because we here at Wallstyler are here to help. Here are 6 ways to save money for a new kitchen.

1. Fit the Kitchen Yourself


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Instead of shelling out a fortune for a person to fit your kitchen, why don’t you opt to fit it yourself. If you’re not particularly handy, why not ask a loved one is good with his or her hands to help. Just cook them a meal in your new kitchen as a thank you.

2. Keep Your Existing Cabinets

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Take a look at your existing kitchen. Is there anything you would like to keep? If there is, keep it. Don’t throw away perfectly good kitchen cabinets if you don’t have to, as you might just need things like a new countertop or cooker.

3. Open Shelving

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Kitchen cabinets can cost a lot of cash – which is why open shelving can be such a great option. You’ll have plenty of storage for your items, which you can even beautifully display to your guests with the right kitchen accessories. There are so many low cost alternatives out there, you just have to look for them. You can buy shelves in most DIY stores, or you could even create your own from wood or planks. Just give them a splash of paint.

4. Change Countertops

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Have you fallen in love with a kitchen in a showroom? If it’s a little bit out your budget, why not find ways to cut down the price of the kitchen. Little changes can make a big difference, so just select a cheaper countertop that complements your cabinets.

There are so many different countertop materials to choose from, including stone, tile, granite, butcher block and concrete.

5. Do it in Stages

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Who says you have to remodel your kitchen all in one go. If you can’t afford your new kitchen right away, why not buy it in stages? Items such as backsplashes can be put in at any point – and you can opt to place glass into cabinets at a later date.

6. Opt for Track Lighting

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As we said a earlier, it’s the little things that will make a big difference to your budget. You might have your heart set on recessed lighting, but it be the worst thing in the world to feature track lighting instead? Probably not.

Recessed lighting is notoriously more expensive as holes in the ceiling will need to be cut and electric wiring will need to be added – whilst track lighting can easily be installed and they look stylish and offer lots of light.

When buying your kitchen, try to find ways to cut down on expenditure without compromising on style – and remember, you don’t have to accept all the items that come with the kitchen.

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