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5 Ways to Create a Cosy Home

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As the weather is all downcast and gloomy, it’s important we have a warm and welcoming house to return to after a long hard day – which is why we’re offering 5 ways you can create a cosy home.

1. Be Bold

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Rich, bold colours will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, as they can give the impression of warmth. One of the best ways to add some cosiness to the home is to use contrasting colours. For example, purple and red shouldn’t work together, but they really can create a winter look that’ll make you just want to snuggle up.

2. Change with the Seasons

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Allow the seasons to determine your style – as they’ll reflect the mood and feel of the weather, meaning the room will feel light and airy during the summer and warm and cosy during the winter. Opt for fleece fabric curtains during the winter months, swapping them for something a lot lighter in the summer time. You can also add some rugs and blankets during the colder seasons so the house looks and feels warmer.

3. Plenty of Candles


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Turn off the electric lights, grab the blankets and light up many candles, casting a beautiful glow across the whole room. You can also increase the effect of the candlelight by adding mirrors and other reflective objects.

4. Winter Warmers

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One of the best ways to create a little bit of heat in the home is to add all sorts of winter warmers. We’re talking seasonal draft excluders and plenty of cushions. Grab the hot water bottle to heat up your body, or keep the radiators on low to allow warmth to gradually spread across your home.

5. Love Textures

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What could be better than curling up after a tiring day than with a lovely blanket in front of the fire? Mix up your throws and blankets to offer texture to your home; we’re talking soft wools and silks that are simply indulgent to the skin.

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